8th March 2016 - Group Closure

In early February members were informed that it might not be possible to form a committee at the next AGM and that a vote would need to be taken on the future of the Group.

Regrettably there were no nominations for the positions of Chairman and Treasurer. Therefore as it was not possible to form a committee, a vote was taken to close the Group with immediate effect.

Members who pay their subscription by standing order are asked to contact their bank to cancel the standing order personally; the Group is not able to do it. IAM House will be inviting members to join the group nearest to them, depending upon their location.

It is sad that the Group has had to close after 34 years, however, we have helped thousands of drivers to be safer on the road, which is a good result in itself. We thank those who have helped achieve this and also the many loyal members for their support over the years.

Safe driving

Advanced Motorcycling

From January 2010 the motorcycling section of Salisbury Plain Advanced Motorists moved to join the Wiltshire and Bath motorcycling group.

For information please check out www.wabam.org.uk